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Fulfilling the Measure of Our Creation - How Animals Embody This Philosophy

Schpilker - Photo by Erica Katz

As much as I thought I was an animal lover, I never believed that I would write a blog entry about my dog. But my wire fox terrier, Schpilker (pronounced SHPIL-KER) came into my life in April of 2017, and I am a changed woman. Though I had dogs and cats previously, somehow Schpilker changed me the most; I think that it was because my husband and I were primarily responsible for her, and she needed a lot of care. We live in a condo, and I had to get up in the middle of the night to take her out when she needed to “go” because we have no backyard or easy access to outside.

During these late night “visits,” I grew to love her very much. I have never had children, but the love I developed for Schpilker helped me to get a glimpse into how much people must love their children. This revelation was astonishing to me.

She even inspired me to write a children’s eBook, “Schpilker the Terrier Puppy.”

That one little dog has taught me so much has been surprising. Here is a short list of what she has taught me:

Ask for What You Need

She asks for what she needs (with a sort of murmuring growl).

Love Unfettered

She loves unfettered those she deems to be her friends.

Approach Others You Don’t Know with a Bit of Caution

She approaches most of those she doesn’t know well with caution.

Live Life to the Fullest

She plays with all her might.

When she’s hungry, she eats with gusto.

Assert Yourself

Though she’s a female, she doesn’t let it stop her from trying to be the boss.

Both Thich Nhat Hanh and the Dalai Lama have mentioned that all sentient beings deserve our regard and to be treated with respect. I have learned more fully the wisdom of this . She feels pain at our parting, pain after her surgery, joy at our reunion, and even anger when she ran out of toys to “open” on her birthday.

There is a Mormon doctrine which refers to “fulfilling the measure of our creation.” When we were in the mountains, my father once mused that animals, trees, stones, and other wonders of the earth probably do a better job of fulfilling the measure of their creation than we do, though humans have been blessed with more intelligence.

I have come to believe that this is true.

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