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Various Projects

My flash fiction story, "Avalanche" has been published in The RavensPerch  A woman's inner contemplations about a strange life. 


Adaptation Consultant for the documentary film, There, currently in production (adapted from E.M. Forster's, The Machine Stops)

The children’s book, Schpilker the Terrier Puppy, chronicles Schpilker’s triumphs and challenges with her new adoptive family.  Sona makes analogies between Schpilker’s mistakes and a child’s – something to which all children can relate.  Illustrations are by Nick Spinelli.

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"Just like people, puppies need to be potty-trained.  Schpilker tried to go in the right places, but sometimes she went inside on the floor or even in her bed." 

"Have you ever had an accident?"

The First and the Last

                  The literary novel, The First and the Last, is about two Mormon-raised sisters, Cassandra and Sarah Anderson from Holladay, Utah, who find a second, exciting, and difficult home in New York City.  Anorexic and withering, Sarah fights for life, while Cassandra, a feisty and scrappy artist, fights to stay in the center of life.  In part because of a seizure disorder, Cassandra is the lucky and not-so-lucky recipient of visionary, deeply psychological, and sometimes transformative experiences.  On the whole, these experiences are channeled into her successful art career.  There is an element of magical realism throughout the book.


               Cassandra falls in love with the troubled Theodore Ascott, a tragic and artistically sensitive heir who can find no home in the refuge of art as Cassandra does.  The deaths of four people and the absence of one cast a long shadow over all of the major characters’ lives:  the parents of Cassandra and Sarah Anderson; Theodore Ascotts’s sister, Gwendolyn; the ultimate suicide of Theodore Ascott, and; the absence of Marie Dubois Ascott, who abandons her family for a life in Europe

               Though obviously not a light read, there are hopeful and exciting experiences; the crowning is at the end of the book when Theodore’s father, Arthur Ascott, takes Cassandra and Sarah to The Kentucky Derby.  With echoes of Angels in America, The First and the Last examines serious reflections upon one’s origins be they religion, privilege, absence, or deficiency.  Sibling relationships are a major theme in the book.



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