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In addition to being a writer, Sona also believes that she is a scribe – one who not only records documents, but also elicits and records the literary thoughts of others.

A freelance writer across many genres, she has been a travel writer for International Vacation Home Exchange, a blogger for a nonprofit organization, a newspaper reporter for The Intermountain Commercial Record and Salt Lake Times where she specialized in legal-related articles, a literary novelist, and a poet. Her poetry was published in Abbey.  She is also the author of the eBook, Schpilker the Terrier Puppy.

She has a B.A. in English Literature with a Creative Writing Emphasis, and a B.A. in Psychology.  Though she is basically an ethereal soul, she needed a practical way to make a living (something which pleased her parents), and became a paralegal, graduating from Westminster College in an American Bar Association-approved program..  She later became a Certified Paralegal.

As an editor, Sona has tackled everything from business proposals to scholarly papers presented at conferences.

She has over 15 years of experience as a paralegal in both New York City and Salt Lake City; she has worked in intellectual property litigation, insurance defense, government law, criminal defense, family law, and Native American law.

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