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Sona Schmidt-Harris


Blog Writing • Travel Writing • Web Content Writing • "Just the Facts" Content • Editing

Writing Services 

As an online blogger, Sona is capable of communicating in both serious and humorous styles.  She was a travel writer for International Vacation Home Exchange.

As a reporter for The Intermountain Commercial Record and Salt Lake Times, she specialized in legal-related articles, including articles about Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals judges.  She is especially skilled at writing observant profiles of individuals.

As a published poet and author of a literary novel, she can help any aspiring writer obtain an artistic touch. 

Because she has over 15 years of paralegal experience, she is not afraid of writing “just the facts” content.

Editing Services

Sona has edited everything from business proposals to academic papers presented at conferences.  Specializing in helping the writer obtain an artistic flair but still maintain his voice, she will help any writer obtain his polished potential.

She has edited for attorneys.

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