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As a woman who married later in life, I have done a great deal of my traveling alone.  I found that there are many pleasures that traveling single affords.  I have been surprised to learn that many people won’t travel unless they have a companion.  I believe that this occurs in part because people aren’t fully cognizant of the benefits of traveling alone.


Your Agenda is Your Own

When traveling with others, you must consider their agenda, wants and personal quirks.  Not so when traveling alone.  Do you want to take photos for five hours straight?  What about leisurely meandering along the back streets of a favorite city?  None of this is a problem when traveling alone.


It’s A Wonderful Way to Meet New People

Whether you are looking for romance or just companionship, traveling alone makes you more approachable.  In Banylus-Sur-Mer, France, I enjoyed a fun conversation with some Australians at dinner.  On my way to Copenhagen, I met a lovely woman from New Zealand on the ferry. 

Regarding romantic interests, I had a potpourri of delightful men approach me (well—some not so delightful and this was when I was younger and cuter).  I met a sophisticated Italian gentleman on a train to Paris, and though there were no future encounters, I still remember his refined manner of speaking (in English and German) and how he made a long ride more enjoyable.

Hotels Will Sometimes Offer a Discount on Your Room

I didn’t know this was a possibility until I stayed at a Bed and Breakfast in Vermont.  The proprietor simply offered me a discount for occupying a room by myself.  When you think about it, it makes sense.  Generally, one person requires half of the maintenance of two.  Be sure and ask if a discount is available for single occupancy.


Talk About Me Time!

It’s all about you when traveling alone—your wants—your needs—your comfort.  What a change this is for most of us! 

Catch Up on Your Reading or Other Solitary Pursuits

I found that traveling alone was a wonderful time for me to pursue my interests in writing, reading and photography; there are few distractions on a plane or train for long periods of time.

It’s Both Rejuvenating and Relaxing

When is the last time you had as much time as you wanted to work out or just lie in the sun?  One of the most relaxing times I had was in French Catalonia sitting outside in a café drinking coffee—watching and listening to the waves of the Mediterranean.

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