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Whether its winter or summer, few places have as much physical beauty to offer as Colorado.  One feels on retreat there even when tending to business.

Take Boulder for instance.  Home of the University of Colorado/Boulder, the mountains loom quietly but decidedly over this progressive community.  Perhaps the topography is in part responsible for the state’s strong conservationist stance.   Actor and avid environmentalist Robert Redford attended the University of Colorado, though according to Redford himself, not very successfully.  Nonetheless, a great American conservationist was born.

In the 1980s, when I was in Boulder, the University of Colorado and the city seemed ahead of its time; bike paths crisscrossed the whole, beautiful campus.  Real effort was put into maintaining the character and splendor of the place.


I met a man, who was to me, the quintessential example of a progressive Boulderite.  When he and the mother of his child decided to split, they had a “separation ceremony” complete with meditation and the burning of candles.  I wish I had been more like that; my break-ups consisted of a lot more angst, and I must admit, some yelling.

Do you want to increase your inner peace and contentment?  International Vacation Home Exchange has this luxury home exchange in Boulder—the perfect place for centering or even having an amicable “separation ceremony.”

In addition to a luxury home exchange in Boulder, IVHE has several luxury vacation homes in magnificent Breckenridge, Colorado.  Breckenridge was founded in the mid-1800s after the discovery of gold in the nearby Blue River; it later became a thriving boomtown in the Wild West. 


However, by the 1950s, Breckenridge was nearly a ghost town and might have faded into the past had Breckenridge ski area not officially opened in 1961.  Further boosting the town’s appeal was that in 1984, Breckenridge’s historic district was placed on the National Register of Historical Places, and Main Street was restored to its western glory.  In 2009, a grand gondola came to town.  Breckenridge’s Main Street is a bit like Park City, Utah’s Main Street with unique shops, spas, and restaurants with wonderful western facades.  

Like Park City, Breckenridge offers delights year-round.  In the summer, take a “gold mine hike,” or explore your adventurous side with mountain bike racing. And if you have never ridden a ski lift in summer, you must try it once—the views are spectacular.  There is also a National Forest nearby which only adds to the area’s appeal.  Want to go in winter, but not a skier?  Breckenridge offers a ski and snowboard school.

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